May 1, 2013

so i have been wanting to do another video but had had ZERO time since moving & working & everything in between! i may have the 20 minutes to film, but then editing takes me a little bit since I'm still learning all the ins & outs! i thought an easy FAVORITES blog would be fun since i haven't done one in a pretty long time! HAPPY READING <3

let's chat about what i've been loving :)

CLARISONIC MIA 2 is heaven! I've had this since Valentine's Day & have been loving it ever since! i was using it pretty frequently, which worked for a little, then my skin started to react. so now i just do it about 1 time a week. so far so good! 

before i use my cleanser on my face, i DO use a gentle face scrub. this helps my cleanser get down into my pores and really clean my face! i have been using this for months now & LOVE IT! its very gentle/natural and has not aggravated my skin once :)

when i do use the clarisonic, i use it with these: PURITY & the new OLAY FRESH EFFECTS: shine, shine go away. it's a thick cream face cleanser, which I'm normally not a fan of - BUT IT WORKS WONDERS FOR OILY SKIN :)

moving on to MOISTURIZER: i have always used CLINIQUE's Dramatically Different - but i felt it wasn't helping my oily skin. i heard great things about OLAY's new line, and tried this! LOVE IT! you only need 1 pump & you are ready to go! it has a powdery finish which helps a lot too! it's a great purchase ladies!

foundation/BBs: my foundation is always changing, depending on my mood of my skin & shade (depending on if i am tanning/summer). right now i have been using TRUE MATCH by L'OREAL mixed up with GARNIER'S new SHINE CONTROL BB cream. the BB cream is very matte, almost too much, but when you mix it with a dewy foundation, it's PERFECT :) so far it's been a great combo for me!

oh man this little gem! so i bought the BEAUTY BLENDER probably 3 months ago, and never used it - which i tend to do with many things. i was getting sick of my brushes so i decided to crack this baby open and give it a try. LOVING IT! it really helps apply my foundations/BBs perfectly, without leaving any hard lines! 

obsessed is an understatement! THIS THING IS HEAVEN :) this will clear up any blemish you may have, in like 1 hour. my skin has a red tint, and this helps clear that up too! i have been using a full mask every night this week, just to kind of detox it. it's an amazing product!

if you follow me on IG (@GNICCCCC) you know i have a sick obsession with nail polish <3 i have tried tons of top/base coats, from every brand and NEVER LOVED ANYTHING MORE THAN THIS! this is a top AND base coat - HOW AMAZING!? definitely worth the try ladies!

okay this has nothing to do with beauty but i am OBSESSED with this. i rarely go into bath & body works, but i saw they were having a sale so i gave it a try. john & i found some great things, then i looked over and saw a limited edition LIMONCELLO collection and i FLIPPED! lemon is my favorite thing in the entire world so you know i had to have everything! i bought the chap stick, body wash & this delicious candle. all of their scents are amazing, but this is the icing on the cake for me!

like i said, i hope to get a video up soon: TATTOOS&FAIRYTALES <-- click me :)
until then, i hope this holds you guys over! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS TAKEN THE TIME TO HELP ME REACH SO MANY OF MY GOALS WITH THIS BLOG & MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL :) it means the world to me <3


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