25 things in 25 years :)

April 28, 2013

holy crap, I'm turning 25 in about 5 weeks + that really got me thinking today. i have done/accomplished a pretty decent amount of things that i never thought i could .. or would have to. i have been blessed in my life, more than i could even begin to explain, so hopefully this will help you look at your life, see where you have been + where you wish to go in the future. HAPPY READING :)

no particular order, just how i thought of them:

1. paid off all my debt: $25,000
BY MYSELF :) worked my ass off at 3 jobs + did it in less than a year!

2. bought my own car
no co-signers needed!

3. married an amazing man <3

4. traveled to some amazing places

5. paid off my school loan, then paid cash the rest of the way

6. moved out of my parents house

7. managed to have 2 amazing best friends any girl could ask for :)
even though i may not see 1 of them very often, we still FaceTime when we can!

8. got rid of all the negativity in my life

9. always remained positive through all the bullshit
+ trust me, we all have it. just keep it moving!

10. got promoted at work
even though sometimes i want to cry at the end of the day

11. raised 2 amazing little boys

12. became domesticated
(and if you know me, this is HUGE)

13. finally became comfortable in my own skin
never let a guy tell you that you aren't good enough :)

14. raised money for a charity dear to my heart <3

15. helped victims of hurricane sandy

16. became comfortable in my spirituality
i am not religious

17. passed the NJ real estate test

18. started a successful blog

19. be lucky enough to have amazing childhood memories

20. been able to make people laugh
i have always loved that about myself :)

21. genuinely feel loved

22. swam with dolphins
even though i was scared beyond belief

23. horseback rode up a mountain on a tropical island

24. met dwayne johnson <3
+ cried like a little baby

25. live about the influence :) HUGS, NOT DRUGS
drugs are gross + i do NOT associate myself with anyone who does them

there are still so many things i wish to accomplish in the years to come + can't wait to be able to scratch them off my list! hope this got you guys thinking about your lives + what you wish to achieve to becoming the best person you can be :)


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