March 20, 2013

I'm really slacking on this thing, sorry. i have been SO busy! i started a new position at work & we recently moved out of the apartment we have been in for a year! new beginnings & lots of exciting news but i will keep this one as short and to the point as possible. this blog will be about the DOs and DONTs of moving :) keep reading if you are interested!

so John & i had a game plan: move in 1 year. AND WE DID! we wanted a fresh start after we got married and knew that in the next year, we would hopefully be growing as a family. currently, we are not sure where john's career will locate him so we decided to rent for 1 more year, then buy when we had a better idea of location to finally settle down in.

we finalized our paperwork yesterday and the countdown has begun: 22 DAYS

i had never thought about this, since we did not really have that much stuff. boy was i wrong! we rented a unit and were able to put 70% in there until we get settled within the next 3 weeks. they gave us a deal so we wound up getting it for longer than needed, but we got a free moving truck too!

okay we all do it, but try not to! ideally moving should only take a few days, so try packing some things up prior to the actual move in date. it'll save time too if you have a moving truck (they normally are only for a few hours) so the less time used the better.

don't be afraid to toss things out. i love throwing things away - i don't have any shame. if you forgot you had it, throw it away. you will live without it. and if not, you can always buy it again.

you are wasting your money. all the times my family has moved, we never hired workers. ask some friends, make it fun - pay them with pizza and beers. or invite them over once you're all settled & make dinner. either way, save your money.

buy a bunch of big plastic storage bins/regular boxes that way you can fill each box, hence - less trips back and forth. *luckily, we hadn't unpacked any of our things from our bridal shower, so we still had everything in it's boxes. 

if you have nonperishable foods, keep them. obviously throw out things that will not stay well in the storage unit - but things like seasonings, baking goods, canned foods - keep those! one less thing you'll have to buy when you finally get settled in your new place.

WE ARE SO EXCITED TO START FRESH IN A NEW HOME & SEE WHAT OTHER EXCITING THINGS HAPPEN THIS YEAR FOR US <3 :) when we get closer to the move in date, i will be sure to do another blog & post another video! 

thanks you everyone who has taken the time to
watch my videos & read these blogs! :) you guys rock!


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