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January 4, 2013


since i got a NOOK for christmas, i thought i would do a blog on what i have read & am currently reading. i never enjoyed reading, until recently. NOW I LOVE IT :)

if you know me, you know that i am NOT religious. i was raised in a family that did attend church, and even now, i will go with my husband on holidays, but i PERSONALLY don't feel a connection to the things i hear in church or even feel, or there lack of emotions. 

but believe it or not, i love books about heaven. books that explain what it's like, how it looks & how people feel when they first experience it. it's not that i want to be "persuaded" to think that heaven IS there .. i guess i just like the thought of being able to be there first hand one day.

here are some of the books i have read in the last year, up until a week ago :)
hope you guys enjoy!


i LOVED this book. i first heard about it from a girl i worked with. it's basically short stories from the families & friends of the people who died in 9/11 & how they have contacted them since passing into heaven. i cried for most of this book & have it saved so i can read it again!


this book was pretty good, i just kind of feel like it dragged. it's about a doctor who "dies" in a kayaking accident but then comes back to life. she writes about her experience in heaven, who she saw, how she lived for the short time she spent there. 


 i always heard great reviews on the book & when i got a NOOK for christmas, it was the 1st book i bought! i loved it - its about a man who dies & when he "passes over" he has to first meet 5 people who have impacted his life - some he knew personally, and some he has never met before. the only thing i hated about this book was how short it was! i wish the author made it a little longer! i didn't want to finish it :) but i hear all the books he writes are amazing so i may buy a new one! :)

* i also read a book in the beginning of the year, but i can't remember the name. i passed the book along to my cousin. it's about a dad who has cancer & writes a book to his daughter on the lessons of life since he won't be around to teach them to her. it was great!*


so like i said, I'm not religious - but i do like "better life" books. i don't believe you will "go to hell/heaven" if you act a certain way .. obviously if you are a murderer/addict that's a different story .. but i do believe in karma & the lessons you learn/share will be the deciding factor on your final "resting place".

i heard THE SECRET is a great book on how to live your life - putting positive energy into the world to get it back, karma & believing that you will one day obtain something .. until you actually do. my mom read this a few years back & she really enjoyed it.

i think it might be my "honeymoon" book :)

this book is always on the best seller list! it's about a little boy who experiences heaven & comes back to tell his story. it's definitely on my MUST READ list!

if you have any other suggestions on books, please leave them below!

                                      <3 g.

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  1. Thank u for the book ideas. I'm always looking for a new book to read. like u I never was a big reader until I got my kindle. I only read biographies but some of the books u listed look really good. two books I absolutely loved are: The Art of Racing in the Rain.written by a dog and Unorthodox. a biography about a girl who grows up Hasidic and eventually leaves the community. very interesting book.


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