our honeymoon.

January 27, 2013

so we have been home for about 2 weeks + i though i would share some of the pictures we took from our honeymoon! john + I are both sick at the moment, so there is no better time than now :)

we wanted to go somewhere tropical + Mexico was not an option. we looked into Punta Cana + it totally won us over. we went through a travel agent since doing it ourselves was a little stressful. 

the week away was exactly what we needed to regroup + enjoy each other as husband + wife. instead of going immediately after we got married, we decided to wait a little bit. to me, there was no rush - plus since we got married in September, it was still warm here in NJ .. and i wanted to wait until it was cold to take a vacation. so happy that we waited :) it was perfect!

January is "peak" season in Punta Cana since it has the least amount of rain fall for the whole year. the weather was gorgeous, the people were so happy & we had great accommodation at our hotel. we went for a week & decided to do an "all inclusive" since that is just easier - it was perfect! any questions, just leave them below! hope you enjoy the pictures!

when we arrived, they upgraded up to a VIP suite :) we had a private jacuzzi on our deck, along
with a pool just for VIP guests, which was steps away from our room as well. i loved it :)

Rui Palace Bavaro <3 

i think this was our last night at the resort. so gorgeous!

john wanted to go on an excursion, so we decided to do the 12-hour trip. they flew us to the other side of the island where we had a tour, lunch on a private beach, horse back rides through the jungle, a huge waterfall & showed us how they made their native food/drinks. i was a little nervous flying on the small charter plane - but i survived :)

me & my boo <3

this is where they showed us all the food & drinks! i bought coconut oil as well - it smells amazing!

ready to rock!

me at the waterfall .. John was swimming in it. i was too scared.


john thought taking pictures of me sleeping was amusing. this was Bacardi Beach :) the sun was amazing + i just loved relaxing + listening to the ocean.

this was the private beach that we had to take a smaller boat to get to. they served us lunch + then John + I explored a little bit! it was gorgeous!

<3 my handsome hub

obsessed with this fedora that i bought at a little boutique! 


ootn: loved this look!

love this picture! we used John's GoPro & took it underwater <3

i wish we could go back, but i think our next trip will be Italy :) i have always wanted to go & John recently told me he would love it as well. for now, we are just enjoying married life <3


winter reads.

January 4, 2013


since i got a NOOK for christmas, i thought i would do a blog on what i have read & am currently reading. i never enjoyed reading, until recently. NOW I LOVE IT :)

if you know me, you know that i am NOT religious. i was raised in a family that did attend church, and even now, i will go with my husband on holidays, but i PERSONALLY don't feel a connection to the things i hear in church or even feel, or there lack of emotions. 

but believe it or not, i love books about heaven. books that explain what it's like, how it looks & how people feel when they first experience it. it's not that i want to be "persuaded" to think that heaven IS there .. i guess i just like the thought of being able to be there first hand one day.

here are some of the books i have read in the last year, up until a week ago :)
hope you guys enjoy!


i LOVED this book. i first heard about it from a girl i worked with. it's basically short stories from the families & friends of the people who died in 9/11 & how they have contacted them since passing into heaven. i cried for most of this book & have it saved so i can read it again!


this book was pretty good, i just kind of feel like it dragged. it's about a doctor who "dies" in a kayaking accident but then comes back to life. she writes about her experience in heaven, who she saw, how she lived for the short time she spent there. 


 i always heard great reviews on the book & when i got a NOOK for christmas, it was the 1st book i bought! i loved it - its about a man who dies & when he "passes over" he has to first meet 5 people who have impacted his life - some he knew personally, and some he has never met before. the only thing i hated about this book was how short it was! i wish the author made it a little longer! i didn't want to finish it :) but i hear all the books he writes are amazing so i may buy a new one! :)

* i also read a book in the beginning of the year, but i can't remember the name. i passed the book along to my cousin. it's about a dad who has cancer & writes a book to his daughter on the lessons of life since he won't be around to teach them to her. it was great!*


so like i said, I'm not religious - but i do like "better life" books. i don't believe you will "go to hell/heaven" if you act a certain way .. obviously if you are a murderer/addict that's a different story .. but i do believe in karma & the lessons you learn/share will be the deciding factor on your final "resting place".

i heard THE SECRET is a great book on how to live your life - putting positive energy into the world to get it back, karma & believing that you will one day obtain something .. until you actually do. my mom read this a few years back & she really enjoyed it.

i think it might be my "honeymoon" book :)

this book is always on the best seller list! it's about a little boy who experiences heaven & comes back to tell his story. it's definitely on my MUST READ list!

if you have any other suggestions on books, please leave them below!

                                      <3 g.

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