the "joys" of pregnancy

December 29, 2013

i have been wanting to do a pregnancy post for weeks now, but as some of you may know, my life got a little crazy with the loss of my dad <3 the love & support from everyone has been amazing. 

so since everyone has been asking "how are you feeling?" .. "do you have a name?" .. "are you getting sick?" .."i want to see your belly!" -- i thought i would do a blog to share my experiences so far, the sex of our baby & all the other amazing (and not so amazing) things that i have been going through.

1.  it's a boy!
holy freaking crap. since the beginning, we were calling the baby a "HE" so i think i knew right away that it was going to be a boy.  i have been getting to know him over the last few months & i can already tell he is going to be just like his daddy! we did the gender reveal with our family at a 3D/4D facility so everyone was able to see the baby move. our tech wrote down the sex of the baby on a post it, gave it to john & myself, and then we announced it -- BOY! :) mama's little man already!

2. names
so john & i had names picked out before we even found out we were pregnant - and those names went right out the window once we found out it was a boy. we had great names, but we knew something better was going to come along. when my dad passed, i knew i wanted to incorporate his name with our son's - which is what we plan on doing. one night we were looking up names (again) and it hit me! i said the name, john looked at me & said "how did we not think of this already!?" we are so in love with the name - we have been using it to refer to the baby, just to see how it feels - and it's perfect. for now, you will know him as "baby z" until we decide to announce it officially.

3. vomit
my god. since about 12-13 weeks, i have been vomiting every morning. now let me explain, i am NOT nauseas. i will wake up, vomit, then go about my day. in the beginning i thought i was dying - no lie. i called my mom mid-vomit and would beg for her to come save me (since john was at work). she laughed and would say "you are fine .. the baby is healthy. you are okay". for a few days i couldn't get off the couch, so i missed some work. but now, at 22 weeks - i am use to it & i just go about my day after i get sick.

4. tired
just tired. in the beginning i LITERALLY could not get off the couch. it was as if i had been up for days, worked my ass off, ran a marathon & then babysat 17 kids at once. it was an exhaustion i have never known before, ever. i would sleep all day, wake up to eat then go back to bed. luckily, that passed and now i only experience that once in a blue moon - and it's not nearly as severe as it was.

5. cravings
helllllllo mama! so i have never eaten steak in my life, and this baby was craving it - so weird. i had steak 4 times in 1 week. pretty expensive baby if you ask me. pickles. of course. macaroni and cheese. mcgriddles from mcdonalds. seltzer (it's all i drink now, i hate water. lemon/lime). mozzarella sticks. i heard when you are having a boy, you crave salty things .. and with girls, you crave more sweets. i have always had a sweet tooth, but this baby is not interested in sweets - so weird. 

6. personal
so as much as i LOVE seeing pictures of growing bellies & sonograms - john & myself really feel like our baby, we want to keep a little more private. we have pictures of him up in our home & have pictures of my bare belly, but have no intentions of posting those on the internet. it's a very exciting time & we want to enjoy it - just us. if you see me out, then you will see my belly! if you come to our home, you will see sonogram pictures. he is perfect, long legs like his mommy & strong facial features just like his daddy. at 20 weeks i started to really feel him move, and now at 22 weeks - i feel him all the time. it is the most amazing experience i have ever gone through in my life. he knows my voice and will move when i say his name .. or when i play music for him. he likes to party at night, around 9-10pm .. at times, you can actually see my belly move - when he starts doing muay thai moves like his daddy :) he reminds me every day that i am not alone <3

7. my must-haves
my heated blanket (thanks to my in-laws, and santa!) pregnancy pillow, even though i haven't used it too much recently, having the back support really helps at night when i need it. carter's - they have the best sales. hot showers. coconut butter, from trader joe's. good bras (my boobs have gone up a whole cup size, how wonderful). lots of booty shorts, you probably won't want to wear thongs anymore. good maternity pants - these can get pricey, but they are worth it. i probably will still wear mine after baby z is born. SO COMFY! pinterest -- perfect for nursery ideas! etsy -- perfect for unique baby pieces! 



November 7, 2013

holy cow! i really can't believe it's been just about 4 months
since my last post! life has been SO crazy & i hope this never
happens again! i miss writing these & having so much amazing
feedback! you guys are the best! :) so let's jump right
into this life update shall we?!

John & I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary back in September & he surprised me with a trip to DISNEY! i had gone back when i was literally 9 months old, so i don't remember a thing! but he planned it all himself & surprised me with the location the day before! he's the best! we had an amazing time & i can't wait to go back!

we were also blessed enough to make a
very special announcement while we were there <3

i still can't believe we are bringing a miracle into this world! it hasn't been the easiest road, but this baby represents so much to us & our amazing families <3 i honestly feel like sonogram pictures are a little personal, as much as i LOVE to see them posted, i am just not sure i will be posting them myself. we have some AMAZING pictures so far of our little blessing, so who knows! :)

i may do a pregnancy post, since my symptoms are just about dying down now - thank god! my energy has finally come back, hence the new blog post!

we also got to celebrate an AMAZING wedding last month! John's sister married the love of her life & we were so lucky to be a part of it! she was the most beautiful bride & i am so happy for her! 

John has also had some amazing changes in his career, such a blessing! i am so lucky to have a husband who follows his dreams (as big as they may be) & doesn't stop until he has reached them! it just reassures me what i great catch i found when i married him :)

i think those are the main highlights, i will post a few pictures of the fun stuff that has gone on the last 4 months - i love pictures :) thanks for sticking with me during my hiatus! it won't happen again!






wedding hair.

June 15, 2013

almost everyday, i have seen someone new getting engaged! such an
exciting time - now let the planning begin girls! since the 3 month time span from
my engagement to my wedding day went by very quick, it was
still absolutely perfect - and stress free. one of the easiest things
for me to plan? the hair. i knew what i wanted for myself: simple, loose waves.
my bridal party: they were able to pick whatever they wanted. which
was great since that was 1 less thing i had to decide on.
here are some gorgeous hairstyles to consider for your big day!





one of the biggest tips i can give? don't stress. believe me, if i can plan a 125 guest, outdoor ceremony, ridiculous cocktail hour & fabulous reception in just 90 days .. anyone can do it. enjoy every second, because it will be gone in the blink of an eye.



June 12, 2013










May 29, 2013

so since we skipped right over spring and jumped head first into summer, i thought this would be a quick "must have" when it came to your summer beach bag! one of my favorite things to pack for is the beach, my happy place. although i may not get to go very often, when i do, i make sure i am 100% ready. HERE IS WHAT I'M PACKING:

the bag.
the mothership. if you have a good bag, you can take over the world. go for something with a few different compartments, not something that is a black hole. also, make sure the bag is safe to go in the wash, since it may develop an odor from all the salt air.


the body.
alright ladies, so we want to make sure we look as natural as possible, even if we do need a little "help" from some products - WHO CARES! these things will keep you safe from the harsh sun, all while still looking fabulous of course. SPF: for your body & lips! nobody likes wrinkles. FACIAL MIST: one easy way to keep your skin hydrated. BODY MIST: nobody likes to stink, even if you are at the beach. it's hot, we get it. SEA SALT SPRAY: is amazing for your hair! most of them smell tropical which is great, but it will enhance your hair to get that "just left the beach" look, even if you really did. i love mine.




the attire.
just because you're at the beach, does not mean you have to look like a slob. having a good attire is just as important as having the sun in the sky on this amazing beach day. COVERUP: we know it's not a fashion show, but just incase you to have to run errands after the beach, or decide to grab some food/drinks with friends - you want to make sure you are ready to rock. SANDALS: um, no excuse for old grungy ones. invest in a great pair & you will be set for a few summers. HAT: if you do want to wear a hat, do a fedora. it's not the kentucky derby. keep it simple. SUNGLASSES: nobody likes wrinkles.



oh, don't forget.
personally, i love being at the beach alone. i can be there for hours, with a book & listening to the waves. but these things to make sure you are ready for anything. first one there, last one to leave. just how i like it. COMPACT WALLET: just bring a few bucks, your license & maybe a credit card .. just incase. MUSIC: bring some earbuds incase you happen to sit next to a screaming child. NOOK/KINDLE/IPAD: i am obsessed with mine. download some great books or a gossip magazine! or if you need to, get some emails done. WATER: stay hydrated people. i keep mine in the freezer until i'm ready to leave the house!


hope this helped you guys get ready for your summer beach bag!

- G.

the ABC'S of beauty.

May 27, 2013

okay ladies, so things can get a little crazy when you walk into the drug/department store in hopes of finding a new "life changing" product. well, hate to tell you - but if you do find one, you'll probably pay out the ass for it .. and odds are it'll be filled with harsh chemicals.

i recently read an article about the "alphabet of beauty" & was inspired to do my own version of it, since half of the things in the article i wasn't familiar with. it really helped me to learn new life changes i can make & to understand the products before i went into the store and was attacked by a saleswoman looking to make commission. only YOU know your skin so why not do the research before you purchase a new product. you would't go to a dealership without getting information about the car first, right? HOPE THIS HELPS :)

A: AQUA! it's no secret that you need to stay hydrated. i have a hard time drinking plain water, so i use the liquid flavors to add a little kick! plus i drink it out of a super cute hello kitty jug which helps! 

B: BB CREAMS. these are beauty balms. perfect for undamaged skin. most of them contain SPF's. it's like "no makeup makeup".

C: CC CREAMS. these are complexion correctors. perfect for skin that needs a little TLC. it helps reduce redness, shrinks pores & hides fine lines .. along with some other great benefits.

D: DON'T LEAVE MAKEUP ON. this one is common sense. don't do it. a good way to keep this from happening is to leave make up remover wipes by your bed. that way, you can clean your face while lying down. PERFECT!

E: EXFOLIATE. but not too often! about once or week or so, too much can cause your skin to create excess oils & even cause breakouts.

F: FINE LINES. what every women dreads. when applying under eye products, don't rub the product, tap it into your skin instead. any extra pulling around the eyes can cause premature wrinkles. 

G/H: GLOW/HIGHLIGHT. some girls love it, i personally am not a huge fan, since i have more of an oily complexion. but if you do use a highlight, use it on the upper part of your cheek bone, borderline the top of your bronzer/blush.

I: INJECTIONS. we all know about botox and juvaderm. it's obviously personal preference on what you decided to with your body. as long as you're happy, there is no right or wrong!

J: JUST BREATH. stress is a huge cause of premature wrinkles and blemishes in the skin. relax & do the things that make you happy. get rid of any negativity in your life, i promise it will be the best decision you have ever made :)

K: KICK THE OLD HABITS. there is not time like the present! if something makes you happy, continue to do it. if something makes you sad, stop having that in your life. try a new routine to switch things up! join the gym, read a good book, try a new recipe. its YOUR life. 

L: LED FACIALS. it's creating a huge buzz in hollywood. it's basically a "vitamin C infused serum" that gives a glow as if you have been in the sun for a few hours. pretty much, a more "natural" tanning bed, but just for your face.

M: MONEY. you don't need this to look beautiful. a smile is the best makeup a girl can wear, don't forget to put yours on in the morning :)

N: NATURAL. try and keep it natural when it comes to beauty products. take a minute to read the labels of your favorite products, google them & i bet you would be surprised.

O: OIL. okay so if you follow my blogs and my YouTube channel, you know i am always talking about how i have an oily complexion. normally when you are like me, you will dread adding ANY time of moisture to your skin in fear that it will make it worse. WRONG! i recently started using some new products (you will learn about them soon) and i have been LOVING them. when you body makes TOO MUCH oil, the only way to decrease this, is to ADD to it. meaning, MOISTURIZE. if you skin is already moist, your body won't create anymore. get it? got it? GOOD!

P: PRIMER. so we all wish we could look as great as the people we see in magazines. perfect skin, 6 packs, great flowing hair. WHATEVER. if you wants to help your skin look its best, start with a primer. apply this after your moisturizer, it will help hide your pores and make your foundation go on smoother, creating that "photoshop" look.

Q: QUICK ALTERNATIVES. in a rush? instead of stopping at the drive-thru, JUICE! throw anything in a juicer, and you will be amazed! natural energy and great "in-between" meals options. i am obsessed with mine. depending on the season, you can add seasoned fruits to help suppress your sweet tooth! YUMMMO!

R: RUBBING. like i said before, be careful when applying product around certain parts of your face. PAT them into your skin instead of pulling it.

S: SPF. we all know what the benefits of using SPF are, especially here in jersey. although you may think you look "great" all tan .. i promise you, you will look 10+ older than you actually are by the time you are close to 30. most makeups now actually have it mixed into their products so you can skip a step. you can thank me later.

T: T ZONE. the T zone is basically if you drew a uppercase T onto your face, the middle of your forehead, down to your lips. this is where most people find their skin is the most oily. when applying a mask, try to keep that area in mind.

U: UV LIGHT. we all know its bad for you, but tanning can be an addiction - and i am guilty of that. in the past i was addicted. i recently bought a sunless tanning spray that i have been loving. don't believe me? check out my segment on Good Morning America.

V: VENOM. this is another fad that is quickly taking the place of surgeries. bee venom actually plumps and firms your skin. i have yet to try this, but just in case you were in the  market, check out Rodial Bee Venom Eye Cream, $140. 

W: WASH YOUR FACE! again, if you are too tired to do this, keep makeup remover wipes near your bed. i keep some in my purse too, just incase!

X: E(X)ESSIVE. too much of anything is never good. let your skin breathe at night. wash your face as soon as you know you'll be in for the night. and if you can, take the weekends off from wearing any extra products. your skin will thank you in the long run.

Y: YES! say yes to trying new things. you never know. if you see or hear of a product that you want to try, do a little research so you know what you are about to put into your body (since everything you apply to your skin, WILL be digested) and if you are still interested, go for it! you might wind up with a new "must have" product in your vanity.

Z: ZZZZZ. make sure you are sleeping well. just like the rest of your body, you skin needs to rest. 7-9 hours is ideal, i feel best at around 6 but insist on getting around 9 anyways. 

i hope this helped you to better understand some products that have been hitting the shelves & to learn about some new techniques to help you be the best YOU that you can be. we are all in this crazy world together, why not help each other?!

                  - G.

newest youtube video :)

May 26, 2013

hello babies! i posted a new video (finally) to my youtube channel: battle of the brands!

showing you that you don't need to break the bank with high-end products, you can get the same exact quality with drugstore/generic brands & of course still look fabulous! 


xox G.

click below :)


May 4, 2013

so technically we are in May, which i consider summer - but in the wonderful state of NJ, it's practically winter weather still. we are finally getting into the warmer, longer days & i have been updating my closest, as most girls should :)

i have found some really great pieces & trends that i have been loving for 2013. some are wish list times, but some are affordable on any budget! HAPPY SHOPPING!

bold prints
today i bought some great pairs of shorts that i can't wait to wear! i feel the bold printed bottoms are stylish enough that you could wear a solid tank/t shirt & would still look like a million bucks - and who doesn't want to look like a million bucks?! or you could keep a simple solid colored outfit, with a bold shoe. either way, i am loving the bright bold statement pieces! 



a little something extra
so no outfit is complete without some icing on the cake! the most simplest outfit can turn heads if the accessories are done correctly. whether it's going to the beach or going to a happy hour after work, a staple accessory is something you should never leave home without!



fresh face
make up trends this year are definitely a lot more fun than last year's! neutral skin, bold lip, bright eyes & funky nails! even though i may not do a crazy lip, i have been experimenting with some fun eye colors! nails are my favorite something "extra" as you probably already know!

wish list
so every girl dreams of having some great designer pieces in her wardrobe, myself included. over the last few months i have found a few that i would die for! oh, dear santa .. 


i hope this post helped you guys with some great spring ideas! try and break away from your normal attire and try something new! you never know, you might love the way you look! thanks for checking it out :)

                          -  G.

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