i'm married

October 5, 2012


i can't believe all the planning, up all nights & meetings have finally lead me to the most amazing day of my entire life. John and I got married 1 week ago today and i wish we could go back & relive everything. 

if you want to know any wedding tips, check out my other posts on this blog. i posted a few tips on saving $$ & how to plan an amazing wedding in a short period of time.

this post really won't be anything special other than some pictures that people had sent us from the wedding. we don't have the professional ones yet, but once we do, i may post a few since we did a few fun shots!!

hope you guys enjoy <3

i wanted nothing more than to have my ceremony outside - and i told my wedding planner that no matter WHAT the weather held, I WAS GETTING MARRIED OUTSIDE. it rained a little but that morning, but just as i walked down the aisle, the sun came out <3 :) John also wanted to write our own vows, which i was little nervous about - but they both came out amazing of course!

our 1st kiss <3

mr & mrs - our 1st dance :)

thought this picture was cool - John & I dancing between my parents

bringing dad out on the dance floor

daddy <3

dancing with my dad

happiest day of my life <3 look at this handsome man!


like i said, i hope to post a few more pictures from my special day. we had some really cool shots taken of us with the bridal party so i may share those ideas with you guys!

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