mini haul: pre wedding

September 23, 2012

so I've really been wanting to make a video - since i think those are little more fun, rather than reading a blog. maybe after my wedding i will get some more time to do one for you guys. but in the meantime, PLEASE subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel so you'l know 1st when i do finally post a video :) i'll take suggestions too!

so i have been running a ton of errands before my big day, and a lot of you have commented on my OOTD's on Instagram, so i thought i would show you guys some of my recent purchases & such. if there is anything you guys would like to see or have any special requests .. please just comment & let me know! i would be happy to get some videos up for you guys as long as you are interested! 

so let's start with today!
i had a few last minute errands to run today, since this week i won't be able to get to many stores. it was a gorgeous day in NJ so i wanted to take full advantage of it!

happy girl in a maxi dress.

this was a very quick, simple & cute (if i do say so myself) outfit that i pulled together since i wasn't that sure on the weather today. it was blue skies, sunny, but a chilly breeze. so this worked perfectly - even though my jacket stayed in my car.

i also had some time to curl my hair - which i recently just dyed myself - so proud. it was a no make up kind of day, so i was glad to look somewhat girly with my big curls!

obsessed with this sweater

i recently saw a picture of a sweater on Instagram & i fell in love with it. my mom & I stopped by Marshall's this past week & i saw this - i fell in love! it was a little pricey, even for Marshall's - close to $100. normally i would not spend that much on something at Marshall's but i happened to have a Visa gift card that my work girls bought me for my shower <3 - so i bought it. it comes down to a V shape in the back, which i think is adorable. its perfect for fall/winter. worth every penny!

punk rock chick

i love this! i have seen a few girls wear this & i think its adorable! i saw it today black with white skulls, but i like this layout a little better for me. its a very light, sheer material - which i have been favoring lately. perfect for fall with some jeans, combat boots & a scarf & you are good to go!

my pretty little lady

love this! i have been wanting a coat rack for a while - obviously not for my coats - i have so many purses, scarves, long necklaces & belts so i thought this would be a fun thing to have & keep them on display. the bottom is made for umbrellas, but i may just put my clutches in there, or maybe some of my flats.

my little baby <3

i have been wanting something like this FOREVER but i couldn't find anything good for a decent price. i refuse to spend a lot of money on something that is just going to hold my make up & hair products .. i just wanted something clear, easy to use & big! i found the little one a while ago, but since my makeup/hair collection grew, i needed something more accommodating. i love it :) 

i hope to get a video up of you guys soon! it will most likely be after my wedding. i have been messing around with iMovie so hopefully i will be able to make it pretty cool :) thanks so much for taking the time to read my blogs! its been a crazy ride where we started 45 days ago. in 5 days i will be a married woman <3 thanks for all the love! please leave comments/suggestions for anything you would like to see or if you'd like to know where i made my purchases! talk to you guys soon :) thanks again! xoxo


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