HTD: in-between seasons.

September 4, 2012

the weather in NJ is crazy right now .. tornado warnings, roads flooded, the works. it's times like these that you wonder .. "what am i suppose to wear?!"

this blog will be a HTD: HOW TO DRESS when you are in-between seasons!
hope you guys enjoy :)

short & sweet --  i will be working with 4 main pieces:

combat boots; black/brown $30 from Charlotte Russe
skinny jeans; $180 from J Brand
rugged jean shorts; $20 from Charlotte Russe
oversized sweater vest; $15-20 from Forever21 - i think?

in my opinion, if you have a few main items, you can mix & match them in so many ways that people wouldn't even notice if you wore them twice in one week!

like i've said before, i am happiest in a white t-shirt.
so this first outfit mix (above) is just that!

a white t shirt
j brand skinny jeans
my oversized sweater vest
brown combat boots (they fold down for a plaid interior - LOVE<3)

simple, classic & you can mix it up with a red purse & classy watch.

next up ..

 the same outfit as above, but just with ripped up jean shorts.
i love these because the pockets hang out from underneath - so cute!

& if you're feeling a little girly ..

love these! they are American Apparel "inspired" mini dresses from Target!

Red with Gray Stripes & solid Black $20 each
oversized sweater vest
bright yellow scarf (RECENT PURCHASE $4.50 from Forever21)

i paired this outfit with my combat boots - not pictured - i chose my brown boots.
i thought the yellow brightened up the outfit a bit :)

keep it classy ..

here is a top mixture that i think is really sweet:

a tight/long grey cardigan
white v-neck t-shirt
yellow scarf

& on ya' booty ..

& depending on the weather that day, i would either pair
that top mixture with my skinny jeans or ripped shorts.

& to finish it off .. 

my little babies :) i seriously am i so happy that i bought both colors! even though i wear my brown ones more, i think the blacks are great to have anyways! they have a zipper down the entire backside so you can wear them open as well.

i hope these ideas have inspired you guys to mix & match using a few simple pieces that you probably forgot you had in your closet. and remember .. don't leave the house looking like a christmas tree. less is more. if your outfit is bold by itself, don't go throwing 67 pieces of jewelry on to try & make a statement. 


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