fashion @ the shore: do's & don'ts.

September 3, 2012

LDW has officially come to an end (John & I are under the blankets watching Pawn Stars) and i could not be happier. living at the shore is great, but i honestly can not wait to move away from here after the wedding. 

over the last 24 summers that i have spent here, i think it's safe to say that i have seen quite a few do's & don'ts when it comes to fashion at the shore.

so this post will be the top 5 (in my opinion) do's & don'ts of summer.

1. less is more
i was never the kind of girl who caked on the make-up or wore heels if i was going on a picnic. honestly, i am happiest in jeans & a white t-shirt. keep your clothing simple - use accessories to spice it up. a bold necklace, a classic watch or even a funky purse. 

fun little arm party - anchor, pearls, evil eye, pandora & MK <3

2. keep it real
if you are going to the beach, PLEASE leave the weave at home! there is no need to have your hair curled, fake lashes on, and giant dangling earrings down to your shoulders. it's the beach, not project runway. get it together sister.

throw on a little BB cream, curl your lashes with some clear mascara, put a fedora on with your beach hair underneath & you are good to go. i recently did a messy up-do & used a bobby pin to clip a real flower in my hair. perfecto!

simple: jean shorts, white tank, coral sandals, flower in the hair & my pandora/MK watch.

3. your bikini is not an outfit
this is one of my biggest pet peeves. so many times i have gone to the boardwalk & see girls walking around in their bikinis - even at night. i do not care if you have a body like Nicole Miller, please, go buy a cover up. you look pathetic & i'm sure your parents would not be proud of you. plus, how freaking cute are these cover ups?!

4. fresh & clean
i am a huge DIY gal & for the past few years, i have been doing my nails at home. i am constantly trying new things & always changing my mood so why would i pay $15 every few days when i do them better than the salon anyways? mine last at least a week. i hate those long acrylic nails that have the diamonds, life size bows & all that. i like to keep it simple. bold colors, maybe an accent nail if i'm feeling frisky.

$6 for this super cute coral color: BELLINI from Francesca's

5. always wear a smile :)
nobody likes drama, especially when it's hot outside. do things that make you smile. grab lunch with girlfriends, go to sidewalk sales, eat ice cream by the water, go to BBQs/pool parties! summer is only here for 12 weeks, make some memories!

john & I kayaking @ his sister's birthday fiesta :) <3

being silly in the pool - all ya need are sunglasses & a smile!

our 1st & last time @ TIKI in point pleasant - this weekend. fun times for sure!

don't get me wrong, i enjoy the summertime - but can not wait for the fall! there is nothing i love more than leggings, combat boots (which i am on the hunt for), oversized sweaters & hot coffees. OH I'M EXCITED JUST TALKING ABOUT IT! i have been grabbing some fall items the past few weeks too so maybe i'll show my purchases in my text post :)



  1. For years, I ALWAYS ONLY ever had permanent french nails and I just started doing my own nails about a year ago to cut my expenses. ($50 fills every 2 weeks is just ridiculous) Now my nail polish collection has become INSANE haha and I actually enjoy doing my own nails lol. I probably do them like every 3-4 days lol. It's deff fun to switch it up and I get bored easily haha.

    1. And I'm SO the makeup and weave type, but I couldn't agree more about extensions and gaudy jewelry do NOT belong at the beach. I've been guilty in the past with the jewelry :x but I usually just hide under a huge pair of sunglasses and a floppy hat lol. People actually "get ready" to go to the beach. It's sad haha.

  2. we always want to look cute - but its gotta be at the right place for sure! shades & glasses are the best i think - so easy & you still look great! I'm going to add your blog to mine too now! just got home! :)


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