12 days = full bride mode.

September 16, 2012

it's hard to believe how quick time is passing. i started this blog with 50 days until the wedding and now, it's only 12 days away. the past week i have been in full "bride" mode - running errands, shopping on the daily for last minute things & getting my "thank you's" in order from my shower.

my dress also came in - with 2 weeks to spare! i wish i could post it, but obviously that's not going to happen until the wedding is actually here. i wish i never had to take it off but it'll be worth it when i walk down the aisle in it. 

i found my dress 8 weeks prior to my wedding and we had it custom made to fit me since we wouldn't have time to alter it when it did arrive. i was so nervous about it not being delivered on time, or it coming in and being purple or some other obscene color. but it came in right on schedule and fits me like a glove! i couldn't be happier. i made a few changes to it, just so it's a little more ME - which i am so happy with <3

i ended my last blog saying that i had my bachelorette party that night, and boy was it fun! John had his bachelor party last night too so we just relaxed today with some football.

here are some quick pictures of my wedding prep, bachelorette party & an OOTD for running some wedding errands earlier this week.

hope you guys enjoy :)

1st things 1st - WEAVE! since i dyed my hair a few weeks back & will be getting a touch up next week. since my new hair color did not match my clip ins, i dyed them myself. i bought this color @ SHOP RITE for $8 and got to work! its color #400/Dark Medium Brown - i left it on an extra minute so it's a little darker than my hair color now, but i will dye my hair to match the clip ins so I'm not worried :)

this is what i wore to the meeting with our officiant & to my dress fitting :) simple skinny jeans from Forever21, a white tank, a blue/white cardigan from Forever21 - and my new scarf that John bought me @ the Seaside Seafood Festival. i also had my clip ins in so i could get a full effect in my dress since my hair will be down & full of beach waves. i also wore my tan spiked flats (not pictured) with my MK rose gold watch <3

gotta love my ladies.

since i am obsessed with Jennifer Stano & her super cute bride bikini, i thought i would do something similar and wear my veil on my butt like she did at her bachelorette party in Vegas. it was a super cute idea - especially since all the other bride-to-be's were wearing them on their heads - BORING! dressing up was so much fun :) my sister in law got me this sash, bride to be crown & a light up penis shot glass that i brought out with me!

i wore a black American Apparel style dress from Target with these chunky tan colored wedges, and a coral colored necklace - LOVE! it was such a great time & i am so happy to have a group of girls as wonderful as mine.

here are some more pictures of us:

me & my MOH/BEST FRIEND/soul mate: Melinda <3 this was us @ dinner. the girls took me to Carmine's. it was a great dinner of course, and we got free cannoli's so we couldn't complain!

love these girls: Amanda, Leah, Myself & Melinda - this was us @ Providence in Tropicana.

obviously enjoying this song .. can't remember what we were singing.

i love this picture. Myself, Melinda & Amanda (my sister in law) - such a blessing.

i hope to get some more posts up before the wedding. this week we have so much stuff to finalize - thank you guys for being patient. i did purchase a few new beauty things today so maybe i will update you guys on those things! thank you all so much for keeping up with me & my blog. it really does mean the world to me. i think soon i will do a video on something that you guys really want to see/learn. please leave comments/suggestions if you are interested :) <3 thank you all again! be back soon!


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