mini haul: pre wedding

September 23, 2012

so I've really been wanting to make a video - since i think those are little more fun, rather than reading a blog. maybe after my wedding i will get some more time to do one for you guys. but in the meantime, PLEASE subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel so you'l know 1st when i do finally post a video :) i'll take suggestions too!

so i have been running a ton of errands before my big day, and a lot of you have commented on my OOTD's on Instagram, so i thought i would show you guys some of my recent purchases & such. if there is anything you guys would like to see or have any special requests .. please just comment & let me know! i would be happy to get some videos up for you guys as long as you are interested! 

so let's start with today!
i had a few last minute errands to run today, since this week i won't be able to get to many stores. it was a gorgeous day in NJ so i wanted to take full advantage of it!

happy girl in a maxi dress.

this was a very quick, simple & cute (if i do say so myself) outfit that i pulled together since i wasn't that sure on the weather today. it was blue skies, sunny, but a chilly breeze. so this worked perfectly - even though my jacket stayed in my car.

i also had some time to curl my hair - which i recently just dyed myself - so proud. it was a no make up kind of day, so i was glad to look somewhat girly with my big curls!

obsessed with this sweater

i recently saw a picture of a sweater on Instagram & i fell in love with it. my mom & I stopped by Marshall's this past week & i saw this - i fell in love! it was a little pricey, even for Marshall's - close to $100. normally i would not spend that much on something at Marshall's but i happened to have a Visa gift card that my work girls bought me for my shower <3 - so i bought it. it comes down to a V shape in the back, which i think is adorable. its perfect for fall/winter. worth every penny!

punk rock chick

i love this! i have seen a few girls wear this & i think its adorable! i saw it today black with white skulls, but i like this layout a little better for me. its a very light, sheer material - which i have been favoring lately. perfect for fall with some jeans, combat boots & a scarf & you are good to go!

my pretty little lady

love this! i have been wanting a coat rack for a while - obviously not for my coats - i have so many purses, scarves, long necklaces & belts so i thought this would be a fun thing to have & keep them on display. the bottom is made for umbrellas, but i may just put my clutches in there, or maybe some of my flats.

my little baby <3

i have been wanting something like this FOREVER but i couldn't find anything good for a decent price. i refuse to spend a lot of money on something that is just going to hold my make up & hair products .. i just wanted something clear, easy to use & big! i found the little one a while ago, but since my makeup/hair collection grew, i needed something more accommodating. i love it :) 

i hope to get a video up of you guys soon! it will most likely be after my wedding. i have been messing around with iMovie so hopefully i will be able to make it pretty cool :) thanks so much for taking the time to read my blogs! its been a crazy ride where we started 45 days ago. in 5 days i will be a married woman <3 thanks for all the love! please leave comments/suggestions for anything you would like to see or if you'd like to know where i made my purchases! talk to you guys soon :) thanks again! xoxo


12 days = full bride mode.

September 16, 2012

it's hard to believe how quick time is passing. i started this blog with 50 days until the wedding and now, it's only 12 days away. the past week i have been in full "bride" mode - running errands, shopping on the daily for last minute things & getting my "thank you's" in order from my shower.

my dress also came in - with 2 weeks to spare! i wish i could post it, but obviously that's not going to happen until the wedding is actually here. i wish i never had to take it off but it'll be worth it when i walk down the aisle in it. 

i found my dress 8 weeks prior to my wedding and we had it custom made to fit me since we wouldn't have time to alter it when it did arrive. i was so nervous about it not being delivered on time, or it coming in and being purple or some other obscene color. but it came in right on schedule and fits me like a glove! i couldn't be happier. i made a few changes to it, just so it's a little more ME - which i am so happy with <3

i ended my last blog saying that i had my bachelorette party that night, and boy was it fun! John had his bachelor party last night too so we just relaxed today with some football.

here are some quick pictures of my wedding prep, bachelorette party & an OOTD for running some wedding errands earlier this week.

hope you guys enjoy :)

1st things 1st - WEAVE! since i dyed my hair a few weeks back & will be getting a touch up next week. since my new hair color did not match my clip ins, i dyed them myself. i bought this color @ SHOP RITE for $8 and got to work! its color #400/Dark Medium Brown - i left it on an extra minute so it's a little darker than my hair color now, but i will dye my hair to match the clip ins so I'm not worried :)

this is what i wore to the meeting with our officiant & to my dress fitting :) simple skinny jeans from Forever21, a white tank, a blue/white cardigan from Forever21 - and my new scarf that John bought me @ the Seaside Seafood Festival. i also had my clip ins in so i could get a full effect in my dress since my hair will be down & full of beach waves. i also wore my tan spiked flats (not pictured) with my MK rose gold watch <3

gotta love my ladies.

since i am obsessed with Jennifer Stano & her super cute bride bikini, i thought i would do something similar and wear my veil on my butt like she did at her bachelorette party in Vegas. it was a super cute idea - especially since all the other bride-to-be's were wearing them on their heads - BORING! dressing up was so much fun :) my sister in law got me this sash, bride to be crown & a light up penis shot glass that i brought out with me!

i wore a black American Apparel style dress from Target with these chunky tan colored wedges, and a coral colored necklace - LOVE! it was such a great time & i am so happy to have a group of girls as wonderful as mine.

here are some more pictures of us:

me & my MOH/BEST FRIEND/soul mate: Melinda <3 this was us @ dinner. the girls took me to Carmine's. it was a great dinner of course, and we got free cannoli's so we couldn't complain!

love these girls: Amanda, Leah, Myself & Melinda - this was us @ Providence in Tropicana.

obviously enjoying this song .. can't remember what we were singing.

i love this picture. Myself, Melinda & Amanda (my sister in law) - such a blessing.

i hope to get some more posts up before the wedding. this week we have so much stuff to finalize - thank you guys for being patient. i did purchase a few new beauty things today so maybe i will update you guys on those things! thank you all so much for keeping up with me & my blog. it really does mean the world to me. i think soon i will do a video on something that you guys really want to see/learn. please leave comments/suggestions if you are interested :) <3 thank you all again! be back soon!



September 8, 2012

thought i would do an OOTN (outfit of the night) for John & I's date night yesterday. I work all week so going out during the week is really hard since i like to be in bed by 8:30 .. plus, we only have 1 real weekend together before we are husband & wife. my mom & her boyfriend invited us on a double date to this new sushi/oyster bar in our town, Xina - it was byob, which saves A LOT of $$ and the food was awesome! so we will definitely be going back soon!

the weather last night was another weird one. it was like 75 but really muggy & breezy. its hard to find a cute outfit when you are "in between seasons" - so check out my last post if you have any questions :)


the infamous sock bun. hello baby.

like i said, i work all week so when Friday comes, I'm exhausted. somedays i will sit and curl my hair, but last night i kept it easy. i knew we were going to dinner & then out afterwards, so i did not think i needed to be dressed to the 9s. LESS IS MORE LADIES!

MK is always a must in my book & then this chunky colorful bracelet to spice up my
little dress that i decided to wear. 2 simple pieces & i was good to go!
John bought me the rose gold MK watch when we 1st started dating. i always liked the larger watches so this is actually a man's watch. my wrist is tiny already but this really makes it look like a toothpick. i bought the bracelet i think from Forever21 a few years back - but it's a great statement piece.

my brown combat boots. hello fall <3

these were fun to finally break out. with a dress, they stand out a lot more than if you wear them with jeans or shorts - in my opinion. i laced them up loose so they looked a little more rugged.

the final product.

i wore a little nude colored dress from H&M that was $13 or so. i bought a few colors since they were so inexpensive. it was a simple, friday date night attire. i like to be girly & wear cute little dresses whenever i can since i am in scrubs all week.

dinner <3

dinner @ Xina with John, Mom & Eddie <3

they had amazing sushi, miso soup & this really cook "cook your own" Kobe Beef hot stone thing which was really freaking cool. it was BYOB so we brought some beers & white wine to enjoy.

after dinner we were suppose to meet up with friends but plans fell through so we took a stroll on the boardwalk & had a little fun with the silly mirrors :)

being silly

longest legs in all the land!

haha this one cracks me up!

i hope everyone has a great weekend - i know i will. TONIGHT IS MY BACHELORETTE PARTY with all my favorite girls :) be back on Monday .. maybe! 


HTD: in-between seasons.

September 4, 2012

the weather in NJ is crazy right now .. tornado warnings, roads flooded, the works. it's times like these that you wonder .. "what am i suppose to wear?!"

this blog will be a HTD: HOW TO DRESS when you are in-between seasons!
hope you guys enjoy :)

short & sweet --  i will be working with 4 main pieces:

combat boots; black/brown $30 from Charlotte Russe
skinny jeans; $180 from J Brand
rugged jean shorts; $20 from Charlotte Russe
oversized sweater vest; $15-20 from Forever21 - i think?

in my opinion, if you have a few main items, you can mix & match them in so many ways that people wouldn't even notice if you wore them twice in one week!

like i've said before, i am happiest in a white t-shirt.
so this first outfit mix (above) is just that!

a white t shirt
j brand skinny jeans
my oversized sweater vest
brown combat boots (they fold down for a plaid interior - LOVE<3)

simple, classic & you can mix it up with a red purse & classy watch.

next up ..

 the same outfit as above, but just with ripped up jean shorts.
i love these because the pockets hang out from underneath - so cute!

& if you're feeling a little girly ..

love these! they are American Apparel "inspired" mini dresses from Target!

Red with Gray Stripes & solid Black $20 each
oversized sweater vest
bright yellow scarf (RECENT PURCHASE $4.50 from Forever21)

i paired this outfit with my combat boots - not pictured - i chose my brown boots.
i thought the yellow brightened up the outfit a bit :)

keep it classy ..

here is a top mixture that i think is really sweet:

a tight/long grey cardigan
white v-neck t-shirt
yellow scarf

& on ya' booty ..

& depending on the weather that day, i would either pair
that top mixture with my skinny jeans or ripped shorts.

& to finish it off .. 

my little babies :) i seriously am i so happy that i bought both colors! even though i wear my brown ones more, i think the blacks are great to have anyways! they have a zipper down the entire backside so you can wear them open as well.

i hope these ideas have inspired you guys to mix & match using a few simple pieces that you probably forgot you had in your closet. and remember .. don't leave the house looking like a christmas tree. less is more. if your outfit is bold by itself, don't go throwing 67 pieces of jewelry on to try & make a statement. 


fashion @ the shore: do's & don'ts.

September 3, 2012

LDW has officially come to an end (John & I are under the blankets watching Pawn Stars) and i could not be happier. living at the shore is great, but i honestly can not wait to move away from here after the wedding. 

over the last 24 summers that i have spent here, i think it's safe to say that i have seen quite a few do's & don'ts when it comes to fashion at the shore.

so this post will be the top 5 (in my opinion) do's & don'ts of summer.

1. less is more
i was never the kind of girl who caked on the make-up or wore heels if i was going on a picnic. honestly, i am happiest in jeans & a white t-shirt. keep your clothing simple - use accessories to spice it up. a bold necklace, a classic watch or even a funky purse. 

fun little arm party - anchor, pearls, evil eye, pandora & MK <3

2. keep it real
if you are going to the beach, PLEASE leave the weave at home! there is no need to have your hair curled, fake lashes on, and giant dangling earrings down to your shoulders. it's the beach, not project runway. get it together sister.

throw on a little BB cream, curl your lashes with some clear mascara, put a fedora on with your beach hair underneath & you are good to go. i recently did a messy up-do & used a bobby pin to clip a real flower in my hair. perfecto!

simple: jean shorts, white tank, coral sandals, flower in the hair & my pandora/MK watch.

3. your bikini is not an outfit
this is one of my biggest pet peeves. so many times i have gone to the boardwalk & see girls walking around in their bikinis - even at night. i do not care if you have a body like Nicole Miller, please, go buy a cover up. you look pathetic & i'm sure your parents would not be proud of you. plus, how freaking cute are these cover ups?!

4. fresh & clean
i am a huge DIY gal & for the past few years, i have been doing my nails at home. i am constantly trying new things & always changing my mood so why would i pay $15 every few days when i do them better than the salon anyways? mine last at least a week. i hate those long acrylic nails that have the diamonds, life size bows & all that. i like to keep it simple. bold colors, maybe an accent nail if i'm feeling frisky.

$6 for this super cute coral color: BELLINI from Francesca's

5. always wear a smile :)
nobody likes drama, especially when it's hot outside. do things that make you smile. grab lunch with girlfriends, go to sidewalk sales, eat ice cream by the water, go to BBQs/pool parties! summer is only here for 12 weeks, make some memories!

john & I kayaking @ his sister's birthday fiesta :) <3

being silly in the pool - all ya need are sunglasses & a smile!

our 1st & last time @ TIKI in point pleasant - this weekend. fun times for sure!

don't get me wrong, i enjoy the summertime - but can not wait for the fall! there is nothing i love more than leggings, combat boots (which i am on the hunt for), oversized sweaters & hot coffees. OH I'M EXCITED JUST TALKING ABOUT IT! i have been grabbing some fall items the past few weeks too so maybe i'll show my purchases in my text post :)


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