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August 21, 2012

i have never been so excited that summer has almost come to an end. all
my life i couldn't wait for it to get here, but this year - i am so ready for fall!

these past few weeks i have tried a lot of different hair styles, so i thought i would share a few of my secret products since i have gotten a decent amount of questions regarding them.

the infamous sock bun:
i was never huge fan of my hair being in an updo so i did not think i would like this look on me - but boy was i wrong! i first tried it with an actual sock, but since my hair is so thin, i opted for the actual "hair piece" - which basically is a brillo donut.

"sock bun" hair piece: $3 at H&M

i tried 2 different ways to achieve this look - so depending on how "skilled" i was that morning, i would either roll the piece down or just wrap it around then secure it with a bobby-pin. the roll down technique definitely made the bun larger, but after a while i would just tease my pony before hand anyways so it had a little more volume.

this is my sock bun when i "rolled" it down towards my head.

this is my sock bun when i was too lazy - just
wrapped it around & used a bobby-pin to secure it.
not as big but still got the job done!

beach/mermaid hair:
this look i have been loving ever since i was young. it was quick & easy .. what other reason could you need?! i first heard someone actually just putting ocean water in a spray bottle & using that all year .. hmm. can't beat that price! i tried that a few times but eventually, my hair got really dried out & the smell wasn't that great either.

i searched around for a decent sea salt spray & eventually found this one. now at the time, this was all the store had - i gave it a shot & was pretty disappointed.

Lee Stafford "Beach Babe" Sea Salt Spray

sadly, i don't remember how much i paid for it, maybe $17. i bought it at Ulta, and none of the girls working had ever tried it - so i guess i was a guinea pig! it sold me on its pink bottle (duh) and the fact that it promoted shine and moisture, which my hair lacked.

                          when i got home & actually read the bottle, i was pissed.

"spray approximately 50 times over hair .."

ummmm? yea .. okay. i used it about 3 times and then called it quits. it smelt horrible and it left my hair very greasy - and i seriously never even sprayed more than 6 pumps probably. not a happy girl.

so the search continued until i found this brand called not your mother's. i liked the name and the prices were awesome! nothing was more than $12 and it came in travel size - which i love because i can throw it in my purse and not feel bad when it winds up under my bathroom sink because i'm on to the next phase.


i bought 3 products that i came across - beach babe spray, dry shampoo & a teasing spray. i was super excited to try them since i also heard pretty decent reviews on them.

the beach babe spray i love! it smells like coconuts, which i am obsessed with! its lightweight so it doesn't weigh down my hair & it lasts a really long time. the only thing i did not like was i would have to wash my hair 2x to get the product out. i may have been using too much but either way, it was a little annoying getting out of my hair.

the teasing spray is awesome! i only needed a little bit & my hair would be full - which is a miracle. i would use it mainly for fly-aways & to tease my messy pony on those lazy days. the smell wasn't the best but my perfume would mask that.

the dry shampoo i have yet to use. i wash my hair daily
(which isn't good) so i haven't really needed to use this one.

now that fall is quickly approaching, I'm excited to try some new styles! i haven't decided what style i will be wearing for my wedding, but i'll be sure to post a few ideas to get some feedback & suggestions too!



  1. I'm in love with your sockbun!!!! I have super thing hair but no matter it just wont work for me ... maybe because I'm partially hair retarded/lazy haha.

  2. haha! you & your sister both commented about that :) i seriously missed a chromosome when it comes to being a girl .. no lie. honestly, try it a different couple ways. sometimes they come out awesome and sometimes they look horrible! the teasing comb should be your best friend - it fixes all of my mistakes!


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