August 13, 2012

I recently was given the opportunity to do a few blogs on a wedding site regarding my engagement and upcoming nuptials - which I was super excited about! I actually follow them in Instagram and always loved their pictures so it's now a site that I check frequently. they always have great deals on great wedding "musts" .. tips & ideas. 

here is the link to their page & my blog:
wedcoupon <-- their page
my featured blog <-- mine :)

I have seen a few of my friends recently getting engaged and thought I could help them out with some easy ways to save on their upcoming wedding. John and I are paying for 99% of the wedding ourselves, but if you know us, you know we don't half ass anything

we got engaged in June 2012 and decided to get married this September, which most people would think is insane. I am not the type of person who worries about much, so the "stress" is something I have yet to feel, luckily. most people plan weddings 1 year or so in advance, which is understandable. you need time to save, shop around for the perfect venue, dress, food tastings, DJ, bridal party events, etc. - well, we did it in about 2 weeks - stress free! I promise you, it is 100% possible.

John proposing in Central Park on my birthday .. and me in tears.
He asked a woman to take a picture of us sitting on the fountain, and when
I stood up he said "you might want to sit back down." and got down on one knee. he had
told the woman his plan so she knew to take a lot of pictures <3

here are a few tips we learned along the road
on how to save when you are planning your perfect wedding :)

#1. when picking venues, make them work for your business. John and I shopped around to about 7 places before picking our venue. we had already decided our date, and having it only 10 weeks away - if the venue had our date open, our business was practically extra for them. hold your ground. if we were accommodated in 10 weeks, you can be too!

#2. the dress. girls, shop around & try EVERYTHING on. I had gone to 2 stores and tried on about 12 all together. I knew I had found the one. I suggest going to a privately owned boutique. they have the ability to lower prices, give group deals, and even have some pull in other departments like music, flowers & tuxes. my place even offered my mom (who bought my dress) the option to make payments - which she declined but still! 

#3. bundle. when looking for a DJ, photographer & videographer - try and book them all through the same company. we went to highly recommended company for all of ours and we saved about $2,000. that's a lot of money!

i promise you, this time will fly by. don't stress. my biggest worry i had through out my entire planning process was the necklace that i am wearing .. which i found in the least explicated of places. everything will come together and be beautiful. enjoy every moment, silly dress, bad venue, and written check. its YOUR day .. this will all be worth it.


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