are those real?

August 25, 2012

yes it's true. size does matter.

lashes are one of the things us women always try to enhance .. amongst other things. they can completely change a look, add attitude & most of the time, if done correctly, you may even get the question:

are those real?

i have been lucky & always had pretty decent lashes. they were long, not too thick though. i actually have to pluck them sometimes because so many would grow! with my eyes being huge enough, i did not want to add any more attention to them, until i got older.

mascara is something that i will buy almost every time i go into the beauty section. each brand makes about 15 different kinds, so finding one that really works is a huge accomplishment in my book!

my current selection.

like i said, i have long lashes, but not that thick
so most of my mascaras are for volume.

Maybelline - Great Lash Clear $5
pros: simple, great for beach & brows
cons: no real statement

Rimmel London - Max VolumeFlash $7
pros: huge fluffy brush, goes on smooth & doesn't clump
cons: normally need 2 layers

NYC - Volumizing Showtime $2-3
pros: great price, doesn't flake
cons: so hard to wash off - PET PEEVE!

Maybelline - Great Lash $5
pros: a classic, small brush so gets in corners great
cons: too many layers make it look "spider" like

Maybelline - Falsies "Flared" Express $7
pros: HUGE curved brush, adds great volume (i only apply to ends)
cons: flakes, dry

Maybelline - Lash Stiletto $8-9
pros: long, fluffy brush, easy apply
cons: kind of dry, pulled out lashes

L'Oreal - Voluminous Carbon Black $8-9
pros: classic, great brush, does what it advertises
cons: washes off horribly

Clinique - High Impact *was in gift set, not sure of price
pros: great brush, saw huge difference
cons: none, i love this stuff!

(all mascaras are in the blackest shade possible, expect the clear obviously)

i have bounced around in-between these for the past few weeks & with much
trial & error, i have finally found the perfect combo .. for now.

my combo:
Maybelline Great Lash (black) - 2 thin layers, applied in a zig-zag motion
topped off with 2 layers of Rimmel London Max VolumeLash JUST ON THE TIP

and now, for my secret weapon!

heaven in a bottle <3

so i contemplated a few times about using false lashes, but i thought wearing them for everyday use was a little too "snooki" for me. i thought about getting extensions, but they only last about 2 weeks. so i splurged & bought this little beauty in March. i saw it on TV & really wanted to give it a try but i was a little pissed about the price of $120 for this TINY bottle, but i can't deny that Latisse is an amazing product.

it states that continuous daily use, you will see a difference in about 8 weeks - boy they did not lie! in 2 months i saw a huge difference. my lashes would literally almost touch my eyebrows, even before mascara! although a side-effect is a slight tint change in your lid line, i did not see a difference.

i stopped using it for about 4 weeks, since i did not want to run out & have to buy another bottle. i saw them change drastically, so now i am re-amping before my wedding!

if you can splurge on one thing for your lashes, let it be Latisse.

if you can't splurge, there are plenty of alternatives for achieving that sexy, bold lash look. you don't always need to break the bank for a few hours of "hotness".

so when Ulta had a sale on lashes, i decided to give these a try. i heard great reviews on Katy Perry so i thought they would be fun to use & possibly use them for my wedding. they state that you can re-use them, which i normally don't, but i like that the option may be there. it comes with glue also in the box which is good - one less thing i have to buy.

they were $6.50 each, but the sale was buy 1 get 1 half off, so i caved.
Sweetie Pie is a less "intense" look, Oh Honey is more drastic.
i have yet to open the boxes & actually give them a shot .. so maybe tomorrow!


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