a week's worth of purchases.

August 12, 2012

first off, I just want to thank everyone who checked out my blog :) I started 3 days
ago and it already has had 162 views! to me, that's insane - so a huge thanks!

this week seemed to be extra long for me -  a Friday night wedding, my nephew's 2nd birthday party, Frankie Edgar's fight (which he should have won), running my own wedding errands with my MOH and today, John started his sleeve so we spent the day in Point Pleasant. Point Pleasant had a sidewalk sale with all their boutiques = happy girl!

I am so grateful to work M-F & have my weekends off, but I hate
how I have zero time to just relax .. except for right now!

John & a few friends decided to go to the movies tonight & I opted
to stay in, blog & get good rest for my work week ahead.

I managed to grab a few good purchases this week, so here is a run down ..

I have a sick obsession with nail polishes. John built me 2 nail polish racks that are hanging in our bedroom - sadly, I will probably need a 3rd soon. I am glad to
say that I don't go crazy & buy $20 Chanel polishes. Surprisingly, I get the most compliments from the less expensive shades that I buy!

I stopped into Target to kill some time before John & I went out to
watch the UFC fight .. so naturally I went right to the beauty section. 

my purchases:
Revlon Color Stay Long Wear Enamel in 170 Coastal Surf  - $5
L'OREAL Voluminous "Carbon Black" Mascara - $6

I actually use to use this mascara a few years ago, but then started trying a mixture of routines for my lashes. But I am glad I finally came back to my roots!

And this polish obviously caught my eye - IT IS GORGEOUS! The color 
is very pigmented, I could have easily gotten away with only 1 coat.
It goes on very smooth & the brush is actually a pretty decent
size .. very similar to Sally Hansen brushes
(which I am a fan of). So it was a great buy for me!

If you live in NJ, you know how much Ocean County Mall sucks. Sadly, I don't have the time to travel all the way north to the better malls, so I take what I can get. A small "coming soon" store caught my eye with their window display a few weeks back & I was pretty excited for them to open. I fell in love with these tan flats with gold spikes (they are extremely sharp) that I spotted in the window so I wound up going to the mall the day they were scheduled to open .. of course they were still closed. I was so pissed. I didn't really have time to go back so I just figured I would go back when I had the chance & if the shoes were there, then I would grab them.

Lucky for me, I came home from work this week & John had surprised me with them sitting on my dresser! I was so freaking excited! He is the best :) I was so excited to wear them that I coordinated an outfit the following day ..

I paired my new spiked flats with khaki green skinny's,
a tan/white belt & a super cute white laced open-back tank.
it was a very "easy" outfit for my nephew's party.

I hope to find some more time this upcoming week to get
another blog up for you guys! but for now, back to shark week! 


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