are those real?

August 25, 2012

yes it's true. size does matter.

lashes are one of the things us women always try to enhance .. amongst other things. they can completely change a look, add attitude & most of the time, if done correctly, you may even get the question:

are those real?

i have been lucky & always had pretty decent lashes. they were long, not too thick though. i actually have to pluck them sometimes because so many would grow! with my eyes being huge enough, i did not want to add any more attention to them, until i got older.

mascara is something that i will buy almost every time i go into the beauty section. each brand makes about 15 different kinds, so finding one that really works is a huge accomplishment in my book!

my current selection.

like i said, i have long lashes, but not that thick
so most of my mascaras are for volume.

Maybelline - Great Lash Clear $5
pros: simple, great for beach & brows
cons: no real statement

Rimmel London - Max VolumeFlash $7
pros: huge fluffy brush, goes on smooth & doesn't clump
cons: normally need 2 layers

NYC - Volumizing Showtime $2-3
pros: great price, doesn't flake
cons: so hard to wash off - PET PEEVE!

Maybelline - Great Lash $5
pros: a classic, small brush so gets in corners great
cons: too many layers make it look "spider" like

Maybelline - Falsies "Flared" Express $7
pros: HUGE curved brush, adds great volume (i only apply to ends)
cons: flakes, dry

Maybelline - Lash Stiletto $8-9
pros: long, fluffy brush, easy apply
cons: kind of dry, pulled out lashes

L'Oreal - Voluminous Carbon Black $8-9
pros: classic, great brush, does what it advertises
cons: washes off horribly

Clinique - High Impact *was in gift set, not sure of price
pros: great brush, saw huge difference
cons: none, i love this stuff!

(all mascaras are in the blackest shade possible, expect the clear obviously)

i have bounced around in-between these for the past few weeks & with much
trial & error, i have finally found the perfect combo .. for now.

my combo:
Maybelline Great Lash (black) - 2 thin layers, applied in a zig-zag motion
topped off with 2 layers of Rimmel London Max VolumeLash JUST ON THE TIP

and now, for my secret weapon!

heaven in a bottle <3

so i contemplated a few times about using false lashes, but i thought wearing them for everyday use was a little too "snooki" for me. i thought about getting extensions, but they only last about 2 weeks. so i splurged & bought this little beauty in March. i saw it on TV & really wanted to give it a try but i was a little pissed about the price of $120 for this TINY bottle, but i can't deny that Latisse is an amazing product.

it states that continuous daily use, you will see a difference in about 8 weeks - boy they did not lie! in 2 months i saw a huge difference. my lashes would literally almost touch my eyebrows, even before mascara! although a side-effect is a slight tint change in your lid line, i did not see a difference.

i stopped using it for about 4 weeks, since i did not want to run out & have to buy another bottle. i saw them change drastically, so now i am re-amping before my wedding!

if you can splurge on one thing for your lashes, let it be Latisse.

if you can't splurge, there are plenty of alternatives for achieving that sexy, bold lash look. you don't always need to break the bank for a few hours of "hotness".

so when Ulta had a sale on lashes, i decided to give these a try. i heard great reviews on Katy Perry so i thought they would be fun to use & possibly use them for my wedding. they state that you can re-use them, which i normally don't, but i like that the option may be there. it comes with glue also in the box which is good - one less thing i have to buy.

they were $6.50 each, but the sale was buy 1 get 1 half off, so i caved.
Sweetie Pie is a less "intense" look, Oh Honey is more drastic.
i have yet to open the boxes & actually give them a shot .. so maybe tomorrow!


hair done.

August 21, 2012

i have never been so excited that summer has almost come to an end. all
my life i couldn't wait for it to get here, but this year - i am so ready for fall!

these past few weeks i have tried a lot of different hair styles, so i thought i would share a few of my secret products since i have gotten a decent amount of questions regarding them.

the infamous sock bun:
i was never huge fan of my hair being in an updo so i did not think i would like this look on me - but boy was i wrong! i first tried it with an actual sock, but since my hair is so thin, i opted for the actual "hair piece" - which basically is a brillo donut.

"sock bun" hair piece: $3 at H&M

i tried 2 different ways to achieve this look - so depending on how "skilled" i was that morning, i would either roll the piece down or just wrap it around then secure it with a bobby-pin. the roll down technique definitely made the bun larger, but after a while i would just tease my pony before hand anyways so it had a little more volume.

this is my sock bun when i "rolled" it down towards my head.

this is my sock bun when i was too lazy - just
wrapped it around & used a bobby-pin to secure it.
not as big but still got the job done!

beach/mermaid hair:
this look i have been loving ever since i was young. it was quick & easy .. what other reason could you need?! i first heard someone actually just putting ocean water in a spray bottle & using that all year .. hmm. can't beat that price! i tried that a few times but eventually, my hair got really dried out & the smell wasn't that great either.

i searched around for a decent sea salt spray & eventually found this one. now at the time, this was all the store had - i gave it a shot & was pretty disappointed.

Lee Stafford "Beach Babe" Sea Salt Spray

sadly, i don't remember how much i paid for it, maybe $17. i bought it at Ulta, and none of the girls working had ever tried it - so i guess i was a guinea pig! it sold me on its pink bottle (duh) and the fact that it promoted shine and moisture, which my hair lacked.

                          when i got home & actually read the bottle, i was pissed.

"spray approximately 50 times over hair .."

ummmm? yea .. okay. i used it about 3 times and then called it quits. it smelt horrible and it left my hair very greasy - and i seriously never even sprayed more than 6 pumps probably. not a happy girl.

so the search continued until i found this brand called not your mother's. i liked the name and the prices were awesome! nothing was more than $12 and it came in travel size - which i love because i can throw it in my purse and not feel bad when it winds up under my bathroom sink because i'm on to the next phase.


i bought 3 products that i came across - beach babe spray, dry shampoo & a teasing spray. i was super excited to try them since i also heard pretty decent reviews on them.

the beach babe spray i love! it smells like coconuts, which i am obsessed with! its lightweight so it doesn't weigh down my hair & it lasts a really long time. the only thing i did not like was i would have to wash my hair 2x to get the product out. i may have been using too much but either way, it was a little annoying getting out of my hair.

the teasing spray is awesome! i only needed a little bit & my hair would be full - which is a miracle. i would use it mainly for fly-aways & to tease my messy pony on those lazy days. the smell wasn't the best but my perfume would mask that.

the dry shampoo i have yet to use. i wash my hair daily
(which isn't good) so i haven't really needed to use this one.

now that fall is quickly approaching, I'm excited to try some new styles! i haven't decided what style i will be wearing for my wedding, but i'll be sure to post a few ideas to get some feedback & suggestions too!



August 13, 2012

I recently was given the opportunity to do a few blogs on a wedding site regarding my engagement and upcoming nuptials - which I was super excited about! I actually follow them in Instagram and always loved their pictures so it's now a site that I check frequently. they always have great deals on great wedding "musts" .. tips & ideas. 

here is the link to their page & my blog:
wedcoupon <-- their page
my featured blog <-- mine :)

I have seen a few of my friends recently getting engaged and thought I could help them out with some easy ways to save on their upcoming wedding. John and I are paying for 99% of the wedding ourselves, but if you know us, you know we don't half ass anything

we got engaged in June 2012 and decided to get married this September, which most people would think is insane. I am not the type of person who worries about much, so the "stress" is something I have yet to feel, luckily. most people plan weddings 1 year or so in advance, which is understandable. you need time to save, shop around for the perfect venue, dress, food tastings, DJ, bridal party events, etc. - well, we did it in about 2 weeks - stress free! I promise you, it is 100% possible.

John proposing in Central Park on my birthday .. and me in tears.
He asked a woman to take a picture of us sitting on the fountain, and when
I stood up he said "you might want to sit back down." and got down on one knee. he had
told the woman his plan so she knew to take a lot of pictures <3

here are a few tips we learned along the road
on how to save when you are planning your perfect wedding :)

#1. when picking venues, make them work for your business. John and I shopped around to about 7 places before picking our venue. we had already decided our date, and having it only 10 weeks away - if the venue had our date open, our business was practically extra for them. hold your ground. if we were accommodated in 10 weeks, you can be too!

#2. the dress. girls, shop around & try EVERYTHING on. I had gone to 2 stores and tried on about 12 all together. I knew I had found the one. I suggest going to a privately owned boutique. they have the ability to lower prices, give group deals, and even have some pull in other departments like music, flowers & tuxes. my place even offered my mom (who bought my dress) the option to make payments - which she declined but still! 

#3. bundle. when looking for a DJ, photographer & videographer - try and book them all through the same company. we went to highly recommended company for all of ours and we saved about $2,000. that's a lot of money!

i promise you, this time will fly by. don't stress. my biggest worry i had through out my entire planning process was the necklace that i am wearing .. which i found in the least explicated of places. everything will come together and be beautiful. enjoy every moment, silly dress, bad venue, and written check. its YOUR day .. this will all be worth it.


a week's worth of purchases.

August 12, 2012

first off, I just want to thank everyone who checked out my blog :) I started 3 days
ago and it already has had 162 views! to me, that's insane - so a huge thanks!

this week seemed to be extra long for me -  a Friday night wedding, my nephew's 2nd birthday party, Frankie Edgar's fight (which he should have won), running my own wedding errands with my MOH and today, John started his sleeve so we spent the day in Point Pleasant. Point Pleasant had a sidewalk sale with all their boutiques = happy girl!

I am so grateful to work M-F & have my weekends off, but I hate
how I have zero time to just relax .. except for right now!

John & a few friends decided to go to the movies tonight & I opted
to stay in, blog & get good rest for my work week ahead.

I managed to grab a few good purchases this week, so here is a run down ..

I have a sick obsession with nail polishes. John built me 2 nail polish racks that are hanging in our bedroom - sadly, I will probably need a 3rd soon. I am glad to
say that I don't go crazy & buy $20 Chanel polishes. Surprisingly, I get the most compliments from the less expensive shades that I buy!

I stopped into Target to kill some time before John & I went out to
watch the UFC fight .. so naturally I went right to the beauty section. 

my purchases:
Revlon Color Stay Long Wear Enamel in 170 Coastal Surf  - $5
L'OREAL Voluminous "Carbon Black" Mascara - $6

I actually use to use this mascara a few years ago, but then started trying a mixture of routines for my lashes. But I am glad I finally came back to my roots!

And this polish obviously caught my eye - IT IS GORGEOUS! The color 
is very pigmented, I could have easily gotten away with only 1 coat.
It goes on very smooth & the brush is actually a pretty decent
size .. very similar to Sally Hansen brushes
(which I am a fan of). So it was a great buy for me!

If you live in NJ, you know how much Ocean County Mall sucks. Sadly, I don't have the time to travel all the way north to the better malls, so I take what I can get. A small "coming soon" store caught my eye with their window display a few weeks back & I was pretty excited for them to open. I fell in love with these tan flats with gold spikes (they are extremely sharp) that I spotted in the window so I wound up going to the mall the day they were scheduled to open .. of course they were still closed. I was so pissed. I didn't really have time to go back so I just figured I would go back when I had the chance & if the shoes were there, then I would grab them.

Lucky for me, I came home from work this week & John had surprised me with them sitting on my dresser! I was so freaking excited! He is the best :) I was so excited to wear them that I coordinated an outfit the following day ..

I paired my new spiked flats with khaki green skinny's,
a tan/white belt & a super cute white laced open-back tank.
it was a very "easy" outfit for my nephew's party.

I hope to find some more time this upcoming week to get
another blog up for you guys! but for now, back to shark week! 


1st times a charm.

August 9, 2012

so my nights normally consist of reading wedding blogs, fashion sites & creeping on Instagram about all things girly - and then it hit me - nobody really has/posts things that I actually enjoy .. so I decided to finally start a real blog. 50 days away from my wedding date to be exact .. I thought that would be a cool little "check point" to begin at.

for the most part, tattoos & fairytales will mainly be about fashion, new beauty purchases I have made, DIY tricks, wedding fun & some personal things, if I'm feeling frisky. I hope I can hold your interest & maybe one day have you as a fabulous subscriber - wouldn't that be perfect!?


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