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October 7, 2017

the weeks seriously fly by. I have so many posts drafted up, and literally ZERO time to edit + upload. but I thought sharing a few of my current favorites would be a good way to transition into the colder months. I am in no way a "beauty blogger" - but I have received a bunch of questions regarding things that I have shared on IG [@gniccccc], so I thought it would make the most sense to have all those items in one place + give you a little run down about each.


this was introduced to me over the summer + I have been obsessed ever since. there is an option in your iPhone camera that allows you to take more "professional" shots. open your camera, click "portrait" + follow the directions it gives you on the bottom of your screen. it'll tell you to move closer/further away from your object + it blurs our the background, so your shot is more clean + less "busy". I love using this when I take photos of my girls. 


one of my mommy friends had posted a picture of her kid sleeping + the quality was unreal. I asked what camera she used, and she told me this! the YI HOME camera system is crazy good. if offers play back, and a live feed with no drag time. you can also talk through it, which I love. I believe most people use this as a home security system, but for a baby monitor, it's amazing.

purchase HERE


you guys, this stuff is life changing. you can use it all over your entire body. my favorite use is in my makeup routine. after my moisturizer + primer, I will mix a few drops of this with my CC cream, and apply with a beauty blender. CC creams can be more on the dry side, so this helps keep it smooth + keeps your skin super dewy.

purchase HERE


so as a mama of two, I need something quick + easy for when I actually have 4 minutes to put make up. this is my go-to because you don't need much + it's super light weight. a little bit goes a long way, but remember it can be more "dry" than a regular foundation. so use an oil or an extra moisturizer to help it from looking "cakey".

purchase HERE


I hope to get more of these "favorites" up, maybe monthly [totally being optimistic there], or even quarterly. fingers crossed for getting all my drafted posts published too - send drinks!

our breastfeeding journey | mila + lucy

June 27, 2017

so before I start this, let's get one thing straight. it really doesn't matter how you feed your baby. I have never been a mom that judged other moms on this. who cares? breastfed, bottle fed, formula fed. it's all the same. happy baby = happy mommy, and that's all that matters.

over the last few weeks, I have been getting a bunch of questions about our breastfeeding journey with the girls, so I just wanted to share with you guys incase you had questions too! 

with Mila, it was hard. I think the combination of being a first time mom, with little confidence, and a screaming baby did me in. she had trouble latching, to anything. even in the hospital, they had to feed her with a dropper. she wound up being tongue tied, which I assumed was the issue. after we got that fixed, it helped her latch, but it was beyond painful for me. I would cringe every time she latched. ice packs, heating packs. I tried it all. I nursed her for 6 weeks, along with supplementing. I starting pumping after about 3 weeks (again, because I had no clue what I was doing), and mainly because I wasn't confident enough to nurse her in public at the time. 

I was only concerned with having a happy baby. and honestly, once she went to formula full time, she was the happiest I had ever seen her. again, happy baby = happy mommy.

now with Lucy, the story is completely different. once she was born, she did the "boob crawl", and latched right away. she was a professional nurser and I was beyond thrilled. 

she ate about every 4 hours - almost to the minute. she is very much a routine baby (like Mila was), which, as a nursing mom, is a huge help. it allowed me to know when I could shower, or clean up the house. it gave me time allotted to Mila solo, while Lucy napped. it just worked. 

as usual, I did have to adjust my diet. I gave up diary for the first 2 weeks to see if that helped with her gas, then I slowly added it back in. I also ate tons of oatmeal to keep my supply up.

I started pumping when Lucy was about 6-8 weeks old (it's recommended to wait until at least 6 weeks), so that I had built up a great supply for when I returned to work.

we were lucky enough to have my husband home the first 6 weeks of Lucy's life. he mainly helped with Mila, taking her out to the park, running errands. allowing me to nurse and relax with Lucy. I was home for the first 3 months after Lucy's birth (I was home for 2 years with Mila), and I truly believe that played a huge role in our breastfeeding success. I exclusively breastfed that entire time. I had no issues nursing her out in public - hello boobs! then we introduced bottles about a week before I went back to work, and after a lot of trial and error, we found ones that worked. 

now that I knew Lucy's feeding schedule, it made it easy for me to pump at work. John would feed her from my stash at home, and I would replenish it with what I had pumped at work. 

now that Lucy is almost 5 months, thing have changed a bit. she has taken to the bottle much better than expected, and now prefers that over nursing - #babyledweaning. I continue to pump and save it, but as a second time mom, I know that pumping doesn't accumulate the same as nursing does. a lot of moms get discouraged when they pump and only see an ounce. they automatically assume their baby isn't getting enough, but that's usually not the case. 

my pumping schedule has diminished down to about 2x a week, which I freeze. Lucy's diet now includes a formula for milk sensitivity and she just started solids. we do what works for us, and nobody else. I am beyond pleased with how long we have been able to keep breastmilk in the picture, but I know every baby is different. 

don't get down on yourself if your story isn't the same. do what works for you and your baby. I hope this answered some of your questions, but if not, just comment below! I always loved hearing what worked/didn't work for other moms, it's all trial and error!

happy baby = happy mama!

dock a tot | review + promo code

June 18, 2017

after you become a mom, you quickly learn that the new "it" baby items aren't always in your favor. with Mila, I bought everything. and guess what? Mila hated everything. your new baby is the new boss, so get ready. we went through 4 different brands of bottles, swaddles + even bath wash. I learned to try out things I wouldn't normally reach for. we had to find what she liked.

with that being said, I was super hesitant about this next item. when I got pregnant with Lucy, the Dock A Tot was all the rage. it had 5 stars, all the mommy bloggers raved about theirs, and how convenient it was. it's intended for parents who co-sleep (which we don't do), but after Lucy came, and her sleep schedule was already in place, I decided to hit the "buy" button. 

it's super light weight, so I can bring it up and down the stairs easily. the cover zippers on/off so cleaning is simple. and the prints are really freaking cute .. however, the price tag is not. 

they start at $165

Lucy adapted to it right away, and we now use it solely for bedtime/naps. I have a moses basket downstairs for relaxing, and keep the Dock A Tot in Lucy's crib - big girl status! we recently went out of town for the night, and brought the Dock A Tot with us. Lucy slept like a queen. 

interested in grabbing one for your babe? click HERE to get $10 off with my promo code!

*this post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own.

baby must-have items

June 8, 2017

so I have been doing this mom thing for a little over 3 years now. I am definitely not a pro by any means, but I have come to find that certain products just make my life easier. my husband's schedule puts him out of the house for about 14+ hours each work day, so the smoother my day runs, the better.

we all know it's trial and error when it comes to motherhood, so I would love to hear what items work for you and your family! let's jump into mine:


not only do these look gorgeous, but they are so practical. I use to have individual items for Mila, but now they make these amazing covers that are a life saver. they stretch over your car seat, can be used as a nursing cover, shopping cart cover (because, germs), a blanket, or if you want to get fancy - a scarf. super easy to throw in your diaper bag, or keep in the car!

mine is no longer available, but here is a similar one


baby wearing has become a staple for me, even when Mila was small. on the days when I am chasing a toddler, I can wear Lucy .. and almost guarantee she will be sleeping in less than 5 minutes.


this thing was a life saver. I was never a fan of high-chairs until Mila was older, so this was perfect. you can attach it to a regular chair (space saver!), or keep it on the counter (it has grips on the bottom). it also folds flat, making it really easy for travel. the tray attaches on & off super easy. this was where Mila, and now Lucy, like to spend most of their time. 


when I had gotten my Louis Vuitton GM a few years back, the goal was the use it as a diaper bag when the time came. but I noticed (once I became an actual mom) that I needed a bag with compartments. this organizing insert is heaven! it fits perfect in my GM and makes it super simple to find the things I need quickly, without ripping my bag apart.


my husband has mixed reviews on this, but I love it. with Mila, we had a plastic tub that you could put in the sink, or even the regular tub. it was nice, but I couldn't image it being comfortable, plus it was bulky - making it hard to store. enter the Bloom Bath. super cozy, can be put in the sink or tub, and has a hook on the back to hang once you're done. the best part? just pop in the washer/drying whenever you need to! 

this motherhood gig is hard enough as it is, so thanks for checking out my picks for making life a little easier! 


lucy's gender reveal + pregnancy announcement

May 24, 2017

before I get into this, let's go back. after Mila turned 1, we decided we would stay a family of 3. we had no plans to grow, and took precautions to make sure that plan stayed in place. fast forward to June 5th, 2016. the day after my birthday, and I was 4 days late. I went to a baby shower, not thinking about it. when I left, something made to drive to the store and buy some tests. I came home, Mila was napping, and I went into the bathroom. 3 minutes later, there it was, positive. 

my emotions over the next 6 months were raw. I cried daily, not ready to share my attention. worried about how Mila would react to this new chapter. everyone told me "just wait until you see them together, it'll be the best." -- and they were so right. 


next step? share it with the world.

I was a little over 4 months pregnant when we decided to announce it. we had the gender in an envelope on the refrigerator for over a month. I called up my photographer, Danielle Hughes, and we started brainstorming.

I knew I wanted to make this gender reveal fun for John, so I decided we would include firearms somehow. I had my best friend open the gender envelope, and buy the pink/blue powder that we would add to an explosive that John would shoot on location. I was worried to bring Mila, but I knew I wanted to get some family shots as well. the end product was perfection, as usual.

Photographer: Danielle Hughes // My Dress: Poshmark // Mila's Dress: sold out, similar HERE
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