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our breastfeeding journey | mila + lucy

so before I start this, let's get one thing straight. it really doesn't matter how you feed your baby. I have never been a mom that judged other moms on this. who cares? breastfed, bottle fed, formula fed. it's all the same. happy baby = happy mommy, and that's all that matters.
over the last few weeks, I have been getting a bunch of questions about our breastfeeding journey with the girls, so I just wanted to share with you guys incase you had questions too! 
with Mila, it was hard. I think the combination of being a first time mom, with little confidence, and a screaming baby did me in. she had trouble latching, to anything. even in the hospital, they had to feed her with a dropper. she wound up being tongue tied, which I assumed was the issue. after we got that fixed, it helped her latch, but it was beyond painful for me. I would cringe every time she latched. ice packs, heating packs. I tried it all. I nursed her for 6 weeks, along with supplementing. I starting p…

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